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Funky Socks to Spice Up Your Look

When it comes to male dressing, having that funky socks remain an important facet, especially if you want to have a complete dapper look. Even though little attention is paid to socks because it remains mostly unseen, it is very vital not to forget this piece of clothing as when it makes its rare appearance it can make or break the rest of your look. A funky pair of socks can add an edge to your dressing but horrible pair of socks can totally ruin your outfit, even if you wear the priciest of outfits. Socks must not look worn out or dirty. They also must not look inappropriate as they shouldn’t have any visible hole or stain on them. Just like any outfit, it must be neat looking and well-fitted.Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t give it a try because most men think socks are the most invisible item in their dressing. But reverse is the case. If only men knew how much importance their socks plays in their look, they will definitely give it extra attention. It can be a bit difficult at the initial stage, but constant practice will make it worth it.

A lot of socks come in different variety of designs. You can get funky socks in polka dots, stripes, paisley designs.

Funky Socks

Tips to Put In Mind In Achieving That Funky Socks Look

When wearing socks, there are certain guidelines that will ensure you look that extra. Here are a few things to watch out for if you want to slay by adding a pair of funky socks to your dress code.

  • Colour

Before you select a pair of funky socks, you need to find the right colour. It should match your outfit one way or the other. Luckily, a lot of stores have a wide array of colours you will choose from. Try not to go overboard with colours especially if you’re going for a business meeting or a formal event.

  • Variety

One rule of thumb to follow here is never to buy just a single kinds of funky socks. Try buying several varieties as it would definitely spice up your socks game adding the funk to your feet, as they look as attractive as ever.

  • Maintenance

When it comes to socks, it is very important to find that which you can easily maintain without much stress. Looking funky and fashionable cannot be achieved if your socks have holes on them or dirt due to bad maintenance.

  • Pattern

Funky socks come in different patterns; polka dots, stripes, paisley etc. you can even get different textures as well. Do not be scared to try on new variety of patterns. These will help you show off your style any how you want it.

  • How much to show

Try not to show too much of your ankle when you’re putting on a funky sock. It might have a tacky look as opposed to the edgy and fashionable look you’re trying to create. It’s very essential to show just the right amount of sock. To be on the safe side, ensure you get the perfect length of pants or trousers.

Wearing funky socks brings out a striking feature about you, so ensure that you follow the basic guidelines listed above before you wear your funky socks.

Building your funky socks collection

If you have finally decided to switch up your style by adding funky socks to your wardrobe, you need to build up a collection. You need to search for colors that suit your skin tone and complexion. Let your socks accentuate your positive features. If you are a bit skeptical, you can decide to start from simple patterns, designs and regular colors. As long as your funky socks coordinates properly with the rest of your outfit, you are good to go!

Why Funky Socks Are a Game Changer

Funky socks are definitely switching things up in the style world. Gone are the days of men wearing one basic sock color which is the same as that of their trousers. For those trouser co lours you can’t decide, men will rather just choose a darker color. This however is simple and safe but extremely boring. This is not to say that men shouldn’t look professional, but going against some of these sock rules can turn your into an automatic style idol. Funky socks have brought more style and elegance to the game. These funky socks have become a game changer due to these reasons.

  • It Expresses Your Inner Personality and Style

When you wear funky socks, you express your style in an amazing and attractivemanner. If you want to go over-the-top or simple and classy, you will find one that will suit your personality.

  • It is not boring

Unlike the usual single coloured sock, funky socks look somewhat playful. You can even personalize these socks with your pet, name, partner’s name, child’s name or any other person’s name. You can even get to put your initials on the socks. With all these selections, taking off your shoes will become such great pleasure as the sight of it can even add fun to your day.

  • You can match it up

Funky socks come in different types to suit your style and budget. You can get a pattern of funky socks the same as your tie and pocket square. Amazing isn’t it? This gives your outfit a more organized and coordinated look.

Most people think only women are allowed to try new things when it comes to their fashion choices. This notion is quite incorrect as men can decide to explore their creative side by experimenting their fashion. Try it in a right way that will suit your complexion and clothes, and you will be glad you did.