Posted by Jeffrey Escandell

Socks are a necessity, particularly if you are heading out to work, going to exercise or just running errands in cooler weather. Because these items serve such a functional purpose, they are rarely thought of as a style element. However, if you take that approach, you are missing out on the chance to truly accessorize your outfit. Men that are interested in fashion, and in looking their best, pay attention to even small details. Most of the time, this involves pocket squares and ties. However, your socks are a detail as well, and they should not be forgotten about. Therefore, it is important that you begin thinking of socks as an important element in your overall outfit.

Socks are an easy way to showcase your personality. You can be expressive. You can be dignified. You can go all out and really make people turn and take a second look at you. Studies indicate that putting on certain kinds of clothing can help you accomplish different tasks, because they give you confidence and alter your behavior as a result.

There are so many colors and styles on the market that there really is no limit to what kind of look you can put together. You can put on a bold print to help yourself feel alive and in charge. You can take a more toned down approach. It's all up to you.

If you are interested in making some positive changes to your overall look, we are ready and willing to help you accomplish that goal. We have a number of box sets that are appropriate for just about any occasion. Take a minute to browse and see if anything stands out to you; before you know it, you'll be on the way to improving your "sock game" and transforming your image.